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Faire le meilleur choix est assez compliqué, ainsi n’hésitez pas à dévorer les avis de ces articles pour vérifier que ce jeu wii est bien fait pour vous.

Les meilleurs jeu wii à acheter

Meilleure Vente n° 1
Mario Kart - Nintendo Selects [import anglais] [jeu en français]
  • The Wii Wheel transforms the Wii Remote; controller into a steering wheel that feels natural in anyone's hands, while the Wii Remote and Nunchuk; controller offer a classic control style for the Mario Kart veteran. In either configuration, players can...
  • Players can race as their favourite Nintendo character, or even as themselves! Mario Kart Wii lets players race with their personalized Mii; characters. And racers will see other Mii characters they have created cheering from the sidelines on some race...
  • Players can compete with up to three friends in their living room. Or challenge up to 11 opponents via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in the biggest Mario Kart race yet. All tracks and modes of play are available via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and players can...
  • Cruise new tracks and arenas or tour classic courses from Super Mario Kart;, Mario Kart; 64, Mario Kart;: Super Circuit;, Mario Kart;: Double Dash!!; and Mario Kart; DS. Tired of riding on four wheels? Bust out one of the new motorbikes for special tricks...
Meilleure Vente n° 2
Let's Sing 2019: Hits Français et Internationaux - 2 Micros
  • Plate-forme : Nintendo Wii
  • Classification PEGI : ages_12_and_over
  • Editeur : Ravenscourt
  • Edition : 2 Microphones
  • Genre : chant_et_karaoké
Meilleure Vente n° 3
Meilleure Vente n° 5
New & Sealed! Wii Party Selects Nintendo Wii Game UK [jeu en Français]
  • Board Game Island (1-4 players) - players take it in turns to roll the dice and advance along a single route towards the summit of the mountain. At the beginning of each turn, everyone plays a mini-game, and the order the players come in determines which...
  • Globe Trot (1-4 players) a board game that has you travelling the world to earn souvenir photos. The players must select one card at a time from the cards they have in their hands and advance the stated number of spaces towards the country they are aiming...
  • Bingo (1-4 players) - each player receives a bingo card covered in Mii characters. If a Mii Ball comes out of the bingo machine, you have to check off that Mii if it appears on your card, while if a Mini-game Ball appears, you play a mini-game.

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